New live video “Stars & Galaxies”

Live recording of “Stars and Galaxies” by Eternal Bliss at Five Years of Schaltzentrale, Balsthal (Switzerland) on September 28th 2013. PJ Wassermann of Eternal Bliss plays the Fender Stratocaster guitar and the Roland VG-99. Video by Mario Haymoz of “Stars and Galaxies” is on the album “Full-OM” by Eternal Bliss (see below).

Careful observers will notice that the live sequences are not synchronous with the music. There was a problem with the camera. However the video footage was recorded during the same evening and the music hasn’t been edited at all, it’s completely live.

Eternal Bliss – Full-OM, free download at Ektoplazm.

Eternal Bliss – Full-OM was at number 3 of the download-charts at Ektoplazm. And there are lots of very nice comments like this one:
If we had such music always at the partys…the original spirit would never die….people would be colourful, naked, smiling and loving…not sozialized commercial, cold,egoistic, mainstream, nonspiritual….this album is the perfect blend of the original magic with the energy of todays fullon.. you help keeping the dreams of the movement alive.. anarchy & love =)

It’s a free download at Ektoplazm so if you have little money then go and get it!
If you want to support our musical productions then please buy it at iTunes:

Eternal Bliss, Ektoplazm

Eternal Bliss, Ektoplazm

ETERNAL BLISS is Live Guitar psyTrance/Goa by PJ Wassermann and ready to rock your club, party or festival.
Now with dedicated visuals by Asteriza.
We’re ready to travel. Get in touch!
By the way Eternal Bliss is looking for an international booking agency…
Comments to the album FULL-OM
DJ Simon Schmucki Lockvogel:
Just listening through your album for the third time. Huge compliments, a fantastic pice of work that you succeeded to realize!!! Respect, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard such honest, brilliant music! A perfect fusion of new and old technology!
Höre gerade Dein Album zum 3. mal durch. Riesen Kompliment, ein fantastisches Werk das dir da gelungen ist!!! Respekt, schon lange nicht mehr so ehrliche, geniale musik gehört! Perfekte Mischung aus neuer und alter Technik!
Here’s a nice little video from another great party at Nocturnum/Schaltzentrale on November 24th 2012! Our gigs are getting better and better and the audience loves it as you can see in the video. Eternal Bliss is getting ready for the big stages of the psyTrance world…

Eternal Bliss performed at Radio Multiversum in June 2012. You can listen to the whole one hour gig at Soundcloud. Have fun!



Foto by Asteriza.
Eternal Bliss at Hexentanz with visuals by Asteriza

Eternal Bliss at Hexentanz with visuals by Asteriza

Foto by Dave Meylan.

Eternal Bliss on the main floor of Timegate 2012.


The new Eternal Bliss CD “Full-OM” is finally pressed and is available at Psyshop.
(hyperdisc hd-025-2)

Eternal Bliss, Full-OM, CD cover

Eternal Bliss, Full-OM, CD cover

More about Full-OM.



Eternal Bliss is a veteran psyTrance project with first releases in 1995 and the album “Pyramids” in 1996, along with the videos “Pyramids”, “Indiamagic” and “Drops”.

Eternal Bliss is back as a powerful live guitar psyTrance project, fusing full-on grooves with playful melodic patterns, fancyful effects and PJ Wassermann’s spaced out VG-99 guitar synthesizer.


See the last Eternal Bliss live gigs here.

Eternal Bliss at Hexentanz/Basel, May 2010

Eternal Bliss at Hexentanz/Basel, May 2010

Listen to the new Eternal Bliss track 2CB – it’s yours as a free download.
(First click on the play triangle and then on the download link.)


You’ll find more samples on the music page.

Eternal Bliss is ready for live performances at parties and festivals and in clubs. Get in touch by using the contact form at the right hand sidebar. More on the Live Gigs page.



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